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conversations with people about love.


Grace Ryall

Love is incredibly important, it's one of the most fundamental languages that can be spoken anywhere over the world, it's universal for that reason. It's something that everyone understands and something that everyone ultimately strives for. No matter what the motive, no matter what the intension or no matter what kind of form it takes, people are looking for love and searching for it in everything they do.

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Neill KumarComment
Neil Douglas

It was a case of - I'd never been to Australia, I had no intention of going to Australia. But it was the best thing for her career. There is something beautiful in regards to saying: "Let's just pack up and go."

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Ben Secomb

I think when you start dating someone, or even when you're looking to date someone, just cause we're human and we're insecure; loving other people is often just a way to love ourselves.

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