Grace Ryall

What does love mean to you?

Love is incredibly important, it's one of the most fundamental languages that can be spoken anywhere over the world, it's universal for that reason. It's something that everyone understands and something that everyone ultimately strives for. No matter what the motive, no matter what the intention or no matter what kind of form it takes, people are looking for love and searching for it in everything they do.

What kind of friendships are you looking for?

Genuine friendships. A genuine person lives their life in a way that I am inspired by. Even if it's different to what I am doing. They live their life in a way that is filled with virtue and is fruitful and they're striving for growth. Things that are pertinent to the way that I want to live my life. Because we're naturally attracted to the people that are similar to us. 

I think if we look for that and we find it, then we're consistently encouraging each other to be better people. So I would say genuine people who are chasing their passion - that's really important to me. When two people have common passions or they're chasing their dreams, and they're imparting wisdom with one another and encouraging one another - that's what inspires people. That's definitely what I look for. 

If you were to inspire the world to love or to inspire the world to be at a place of peace, how would you? 

If I were to list them I would say:

1. Sharing. That's where we are going and that's where we've come from. And it's beautiful because it involves people being selfless. At its core it involves less of an attachment to what we have which involves a direct increase of awareness of other people’s needs. I think sharing is massive because it highlights generosity and selflessness. As we start to share more and become more selfless, people will start looking out for each other. 

2. Gratitude. Knowing that this life is a gift. We are consistently being given gifts that go undetected. If we can embrace a grateful mindset, it almost attracts blessing. The more we're grateful, the more we notice the gifts we've been given. Where we put out attention will shape who we are and how we think. If we can put our attention to things we are grateful for and blessed with, then we're shaping our mindset to become more grateful and to have gratitude for the people in our lives as well. Life is too short not to express our gratitude for the people around us.

3. Creativity! Creativity is such a beautiful and diverse gift. It immediately inspires others because it appeals to our senses. I think the word ‘creative’ sparks this thing of, ‘you're an artist, a photographer or a designer.’ I think we are beings that are created to create. The being that created us, our creator - God - He is the most creative being in this world and He has designed us to create. Everyone carries that same peace as the creator, and that urges us to create something beautiful with our lives. Weaving the tapestry of our life is incredibly creative and challenging because it forces us to remind ourselves of our self worth and how beautiful of a life we're creating. I think it empowers us to be better people knowing that whatever we do in the end is the result of what we create. 

Sharing, gratitude and creativity makes people more peaceful which makes for a more peaceful world.

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